We are launching a brand new website soon! 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds Shall we notify you once it’s ready? Coming Soon Oikko means Unity. It’s time to become united to build a community for sustainability in the fashion supply chain.
We are on a brave mission to create that force by making a 100% sustainable fashion brand supported by science
& technology. COVID-19 brings us closer than ever. The fashion industry is shifting superfast. Big fashion brands are closing.
Remember, while living on this planet, we have no right to destroy it because there is no planet B.
We are a group of people behind this brand, trying hard to help you not be “Greenwashed” anymore.
So big things are starting from our city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you would like to join us in our movement (in anyway),
send us your thoughts on making this journey more meaningful. We are nothing without you. As a community we will do what we can,
our OIKKO will do the rest.

    From today, ask your favorite clothing Brand: Who made my cloth?

    In what condition was it produced?

    Are the factories have compliance?
    Do the workers get a fair share?

    Ask them for proof; if they deny,

    It is the right time to boycott them.
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